360 Services Now Provides Fire Protection Services!

360 Services Launches Fire Protection Service!

360 Services now provides Fire Protection Services including Kitchen Suppression System and Fire Extinguisher Sales, Service, and Installation. 360’s new Fire Protection Services will compliment there current Exhaust Hood Cleaning and Electrical/Mechanical Services. 360 Services provides value to cooking facilities by successfully bundling services. Ask them how they can keep you compliant with NFPA, State, and Local Regulations. 855-360-TEAM or www.360services.com One Company, One Number, One Team.

About 360 Services:

360 Services is a REVOLUTIONARY service company specializing in Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Fire Protection, and Electrical & Mechanical Services. We offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective and professional services in the industry. We pride ourselves in customer service and pay special attention the “little things” that make the difference.

Ask how 360 can bundle services to add value to your business. One Company, One Number, One Team.

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