4 Ways to Get Your Fire Protection System Up to Code (and Stay There)

4 Ways to Get Your Fire Protection System Up to Code (and Stay There)

With the rush of the holidays and all the related stress, it can be easy to let something like your fire protection system fall by the wayside. However, the importance of keeping your fire protection system up to code can’t be overstated, no matter what time of year. Keep reading for four ways you can make sure your system is up to code and stays that way, so that your business and employees are always protected.

1. Keep a Detailed Inspection Schedule

Regular inspections are a key part of ensuring all parts of your fire protection system are up to code. The National Fire Protection Association has guidelines for how often certain pieces of your system – from fire alarms to sprinklers to extinguishers – need to be inspected. If you keep clear and consistent records of when these inspections happen, and set reminders for when their deadlines are nearing, you can ensure you never miss one, which will help you stay up to code!

2.  Make Sure Lines of Communication are Kept Open

Just like keeping records, making sure that you know who is in charge of your fire protection system can make a huge difference in not falling out of code. For instance, sometimes a facilities manager will think the building manager has everything up to code and under control while the building manager thinks the exact opposite. Keeping your duties clear and communicating with other supervisors will prevent those kinds of crossed wires.3.  Get Informed

3.  Get Informed

As a manager, engineer, maintenance professional, business owner, etc. you have a lot to keep track of. NEVER worry about keeping track of fire and life safety. Demand that your service provider properly keep you informed. Ask for the ability to manage your services in the cloud. On demand access to your fire and life safety information can mean all the difference. Especially when standing in front of someone that demands proof you are doing the right thing.

4.  Understand Your Fire Protection System

Tracking deficiencies in your fire systems can get overwhelming. You can be told that you “don’t have enough flow points to properly cover your 2 burner appliance, your nozzles are not pointing at the correct angle, and your 3 gallon tank is due for a 12 year Hydro Test.” Your first reaction is probably “What in the HELL did you just say.” You probably have no idea whether they are telling you the truth. If you’re in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask to see pictures of your deficiency, ask to see the code reference to the problem, and most importantly ask to hear it from the technician that identified the problem. A good service provider has access to industry-leading technologies that allow each technician to take pictures of a deficiency, create a detailed audio note about the deficiency, include code references, and get it to you in real time!

If anything in your fire protection system is out of code, now is the time to take advantage of 360 Services’ Red Tag Relief. Through the month of December, you can have your fire protection system serviced, repaired, and brought up to code at cost. That means you pay what we pay. Give yourself the gift of a little peace of mind this holiday season and contact us to schedule an appointment.

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