At Last, Kitchen Exhaust System Compliance FOR ALL!

ANSI/IKECA C-10   Standard for Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Finally, there is a comprehensive and robust standard governing the cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems. Though food service operators, both retail and institutional, have long recognized and feared the potential for great harm that is posed by fire in a poorly maintained kitchen exhaust system, they have been challenged in knowing how to properly mitigate that threat for just as long.

As the product of continued and preventable fires in commercial kitchen exhaust systems, resulting in incalculable property damage and tragic fatalities, in 2009 The International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association (IKECA), together with other industry and government professionals, formed a consensus body for the purpose of creating standards for the safe operation of kitchen exhaust systems. Further, this effort has gone on to be recognized by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a standards setting body.

The purpose of the ANSI/IKECA Consensus Body has been to develop cleaning, inspection and maintenance standards that are sufficient to be adopted by state and local fire authorities. Also, to lend readily understood, comprehensive and widely applicable guidelines to food service operators sufficient to allow them confidence in the safety of their operations.

The work of the consensus body has been carried forth with the expressed cooperation and attributed contributions of The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The first standard, C-10-2011 Standard for Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems, was published in 2012. In 2013, it was adopted by The International Code Council (ICC) and, is included in the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC).

The Standard includes all that any operator might need to know to measure the fire safe condition of their kitchen exhaust system. Further, when selecting a cleaning contractor, by specifying compliance with ANSI/IKECA C-10, you will have done the utmost in demonstrated compliance and fire prevention for your facility. Certainly, you will want your contractor’s written guarantee that all of their work, qualifications and reporting are in strict adherence to this standard.

The standard is available in print through either ANSI or, IKECA. Given all that is at risk in the event of fire in a food service facility, it should have its proper place in every food service operator’s procedure manual. At last, Kitchen Exhaust System Compliance FOR ALL!

Nelson Dilg ( &

Mr. Dilg is a member of the ANSI/IKECA Consensus Body, The Technical Committee for NFPA Standard 96, and a frequent speaker and writer on the subject of fire safety in commercial cooking operations.

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