Easy Steps to Creating a Fire Prevention Plan for Your Business

360 Services takes great pride in knowing that we offer the best in fire prevention solutions available for businesses today. However, the best equipment in the world is only effective when it’s partnered with a knowledgeable team of employees that understands how to respond in the unfortunate event of a fire. To help ensure you have a team that is ready to respond, you should work to implement a Fire Prevention Plan for your business. Creating this plan is a relatively easy process if you simply follow a few easy steps.

1. Create an Evacuation Plan

The single most important thing during a fire is ensuring people know and understand how to get away from it as quickly as possible. Establishing a detailed plan that walks your employees through the evacuation process and path as well as dictates how to respond to the evacuation is a great place to start.

2. Put it all in Writing

Create documentation that outlines the evacuation plan in detail, the employees who are responsible for dealing with fire hazards and combustibles, as well as any other important response or preventative fire information for the business. This documentation should be available to all employees and updated on a regular basis.

3. Implement a “Fire Housekeeping” Process

One of the best ways to prevent a fire from happening is to perform tasks that encourage the facility to remain clear of fire hazards. The housekeeping process includes tasks like disposing of flammable materials properly, cleaning up spills and oil carefully and keeping fire exits clear and easy to access.

4. Organize a Fire Response Team

Beyond informing all of your employees about the Fire Prevention Plan, it is also a good practice to select a group of individuals who will receive more in-depth training on the Fire Emergency Plan for the business. These individuals will then be able to assist more effectively during the event of a fire.

5. Schedule a Training Session

Now that you’ve done all the work, it’s time to pass your fire prevention information on to your employees. Scheduling a Fire Prevention Training is a great way to do this. The training will walk them through the evacuation plan, the updated regulations they will need to comply with and what preventative “housekeeping” measures they can take to ensure fire risk is as low as possible. The training session is also a great opportunity to select who will serve on your Fire Response Team.

 6. Work with the Experts

Make sure you have a team like 360 Services available to provide you with the necessary inspections and tests to ensure your fire safety equipment is ready for an emergency. We know and understand how your system should be maintained to ensure it’s optimum performance if a fire occurs.

By implementing a Fire Prevention Plan you are making an important and recognizable effort to ensure your employees, customers and facility are as protected as possible should a fire occur.

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