Comprehensive Fire Supression Services

Protect your business and your investment with 360 fire protection.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Service

Fire suppression systems are required to be inspected semi-annually in accordance with NFPA 17A. They are vital for controlling fires and it’s important to ensure that all equipment underneath the hood is properly protected.

Our highly trained technicians will ensure that your system is in compliance with the UL 300 standard. We can assist with designing and installing a system that is suitable for your specific needs. Our product offering includes all of the major systems in today’s market.

This Service Includes

  • 36 Point Inspection
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Efficient & Flexible Scheduling
  • Clear Explanation of Any Fire Safety Deficiencies
  • Service for All Major Brands
  • Hazard Analysis of Appliances

Dynamic Service Portal

360 Services takes compliance very seriously and believes that transparency is important to building long standing relationships with our customers.  Our Dynamic Service Portal gives instant Access, Insight, and Visibility to all the services that we provide.  Our one of a kind service portal allows us to uniquely interact with your facility.  We keep track of all your fire protection assets and make that data available anytime anywhere via the cloud.


1. Site Survey

Our fire protection professionals are trained in every aspect of the industry. Before offering any fire protection solutions, we will do a complete survey of your business, paying close attention to any specific risk factors your facility may have. Our technicians will work with you determine the best fire protection services for your needs and your budget.

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2. Product Installation

Our installation experts are highly educated in fire protection and suppression technology. Our award winning customer service means that we will install your fire suppression system safely and efficiently, while explaining the process to you in terms you can understand.

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3. System Inspection & Maintenance

Once you have a comprehensive fire suppression and protection system in place, keeping it in good working order is essential. 360 Services has the training and experience to inspect, evaluate, and maintain any system from top to bottom.

Download Our FREE Fire Protection Service Brochure to Learn More
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