Grow Everyday

I read multiple articles the past week on the importance of living and telling your personal story.  Each article came to the same conclusion.  “If you have a great story, tell it, or implement it somehow into your daily interactions”.

Some of us are fortunate to have not only a GREAT company story but GREAT individual stories of how we have excelled in our careers.

Make your own story and don’t be afraid to tell it.  My story is unique as are all others.  I made sure that personally and professionally I would never top growing.  From making it out of the pick up truck days, the red hat and a dream, the pounding the payment, the act as if attitude, the industry changing technology advances, the local and national recognition,  the brand, the people, the service, and the future.  All to continue moving forward.

We all can literally change the world.  Every day get better.  Every day stick to your core values.   We are the trendsetters, the idea generators, the innovators, we are “IT”.

Take some time to think about the impact you want to make in your career and life.  What can you do to change the way your industry does business?  What can you do to change the world?  This is not about me or you.  It is about all of us.  The team, the goal, all of our futures.

Michael Crafton

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