Increasing Productivity Through A Clean Work Environment

Business owner or managers always have the bottom line in the back of their mind. While many different factors can contribute to revenue, both positively and negatively, there is perhaps none that is quite so influential as employee productivity. Team building, merit bonuses, and even the occasional day off are extremely important, but are you neglecting one of the easiest ways to boost employee productivity? Are you keeping your work environment clean?


Cleanliness is Healthy

There is nothing less productive than an employee who calls in sick. When you keep your business clean, employees are less likely to get sick at work from germs, dirty air, and other potential microbes. Regular cleaning means fewer germs, which means fewer sick days. It just makes sense.

And when you’re running a kitchen, cleanliness is not just good for employees, it’s essential for your customers as well. Dirty surfaces, exhausts, and floors can be a magnet for foodborne illness. That’s the last thing you want for your business.


Modeling Clean Behavior

When you make the investment to have a professional team come in to clean your facilities, employees will take notice. The cleaner everything is, the more likely they are to keep their areas clean on their own. By showing your commitment to cleanliness, you’re letting them know your expectations and giving them the best chance to meet and exceed them.


Clean Areas Mean Less Stress

Whether things are just a little askew or downright filthy, a dirty environment can be a major distraction. By the same token, when things are sparkling clean, everyone is happier, and happier people are more productive. Professional cleaning services like those provided by 360 Services can be a simple way to improve employee productivity almost instantly by cleaning things up.


What You Can Do

Having a regular cleaning schedule for your staff is an important first step, but the cleanest workplaces are those that invest in professional cleaning services. The team at 360 Services is more than prepared to do those deep cleaning jobs that are beyond the scope of your day-to-day operations. In addition to our award winning kitchen exhaust cleaning services, we offer deep cleaning for commercial fan systems, ductwork, floors, tile and grout work, and even stainless steel polishing. With regularly scheduled visits from our thorough team, your whole facility will be spotless, letting your employees get on with their work.


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