Mighty 360


Its Here!  The revolution has begun.  Fire Protection will never be the same.


Become a member of the “Mighty 360” Street Team and be a Catalyst for change.  Create your own legacy of hope, change, and prosperity.  Help make fire protection safer, cooler, and fun.


360 Services is breaking all the rules.  We are assembling a “Force to Be Reckoned With”.  Are you driven, like to talk to people, want an opportunity to prove yourself?  Register to join our team and be a member of the “Mighty 360.”


Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  We are only accepting 360 people.  Decide what you want to do and how your going to do it but just decide.  This is in you.  This is your chance.


Curious?  We thought so.  Becoming a member is easy. 


  1. Register Here: Mighty 360 Registration
  2. Accept the Independent Contractor Agreement
    1. Obtain a Number
    2. Pick Up Your Calling Cards
      1. Write your number on the back
      2. Spread the word and start earning rewards


Are you a leader?  Interview to be chosen as a Street Team Captain.  It’s simple: form a team and get a portion of all your teammates sales.



Rewards and Benefits

  • $10 for all new signed and completed services
  • Bonuses for hitting benchmarks
  • Cool calling cards
  • Contests for production (Polo Shirts, Hats, North Face Jackets, etc)
  • And much more!



Top performing team members will have the opportunity to apply for permanent positions with 360 Services.


360 Services is a fast growth/high energy company that was named as one of Indiana’s Top Places To Work 2013.  We have been on the forefront of creating a positive, fun, exciting, intense, and rewarding culture since 2005.





Ideas to grow your network:


Drop calling cards off to managers and engineers EVERYWHERE!


  • Restaurants
  • Dr.’s Office
  • Dentist
  • Gas Station
  • School
  • Grocery Store
  • Drug Store
  • Mall
  • Retail Stores
  • Stadiums
  • Banks
  • Gym Liquor Store
  • Hospital’s

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