Reflecting on What We’re Thankful for This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, many people take this time of year to reflect on the things they are thankful for in their life.  Whether it’s family, friends, a great job or health, we all have things we are grateful for and fortunate to have.

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we would take the question of “What are you thankful for?” to our employees here at 360 Services.  The response we received was amazing and showed that if your employees are happy, your customers reap the benefits!

Casey Crafton, one of our Sales Representatives, sees just how providing an excellent work atmosphere, carries over to our customers.  “360 Services offers many things to be thankful about! I’m thankful that 360 Services provides a work environment that encourages thinking outside the box, creativity, and innovation.  I’m thankful for the tools that 360 provides me with that allows me to interact with the customer on a more effective, personal level.”

Speaking of interacting on a more personal level, we like to think of 360 Services as one big happy family, and our staff feel the same way.  Jennifer Harper, who is in Account Receivable, had this to say about working at 360:  

“Here at 360 I am respected and have a management team that goes above and beyond for each and every employee!  Working at 360 is more like a family who all work together and function as a team.  360 Rocks!”  

Jeremy Gick, a Fire Protection Technician, feels the love as well: 

“It is an absolute pleasure to be able to utilize my skills in my field and share my ability with others. Love the fact that 360 believes in me and treats their employees like family.”

Having a team culture that fosters growth and is based on respect is what 360 Services prides themselves with and it seems we are doing a great job!  It’s important that our team knows they are appreciated and needed.  Having a team who loves what they do, not only benefits us but benefits the most important people- our customers!

“I am honored to be part of an extraordinary group that has a heart and mission to help not only our employees but our customers.  In addition, I enjoy coming to work every day.  I love working for 360 Services, and I am very blessed to work here.” is what Destiny Kaiser in Human Resources had to say about 360 Services and we couldn’t agree more!  We love coming to work everyday too, and are thankful that with the support of an awesome staff, we can provide our customers with superior services day in and day out.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at 360 Services!

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