“What’s Next?” Dalton’s Story

what's next

At 360 Services, we really believe that our people make the difference. That’s why we decided to start a series on our blog introducing you to our kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians and sharing a bit of the world through their eyes.

Our first subject is Dalton Johnson, one of truck leaders. He has been with 360 for almost two years and we trust him with many of our bigger jobs.

Since his start here at 360, Dalton has continually impressed our customers, his peers, and his superiors.  His attitude towards his job is amazing and it always shows with the final result of any and all services he completes.  I am proud to work at 360 with people like this and now I get to introduce him to you.

Dalton started working here in November of 2012 , and since he started, he has always shown great work ethic.  Dalton had worked here for less than a year before he was promoted to truck leader.  As a truck leader, Dalton again showed how powerful of a force he is as a KEC technician.  Dalton has now been running a truck for over a year.  In that year, we have had no complaints from a job that he was in charge of, and on top of that, Dalton has trained 5 employees in that time.  One of those employees is now another of our top truck leaders.

So what makes Dalton so great at his job?  When I asked what his favorite thing about his job was, he replied, “I just love making a difference, and being part of a team.”  Dalton loves to see the difference he and his team can make when they complete a job.  That difference is always staggering because Dalton goes the extra mile to get his job done.

I also asked Dalton to describe his process to me.  I wanted to be able to fully explain what makes him so great at what he does.   I was given two great answers and I would have expected nothing less from him.  The first and most important thing is preparation.  When Dalton gets to a job, he knows that every tool that he needs along with any special equipment he may need is on his truck.  He checks this before he leaves our shop.  Another part of the preparation is to investigate the system.  When Dalton gets to a job, before he really starts the service, he investigates the entirety of every system.  This includes determining which hoods are connected to which fan along with determining the layout of the ductwork and if any access panels exist in the system.  Once Dalton has determined the layout,  he can actually start the service.  The second answer Dalton gave me doesn’t just answer the question of why he is great at this job, it also answers the question of why he is moving up fast in this company.  His second answer was actually a question:  “What’s Next?”

When Dalton is at a job,  he is continually asking himself and his team, “What’s Next?”  While Dalton is wrapping the hoods, his partner is spraying the filters.  When Dalton is done wrapping the hoods, if his partner is not done with the filters, than Dalton moves on to preparing for the next stage of the surface.  This includes picturing the roof and fans and getting it soaked with chemical to prepare it for the partner to scrape and spray it with the pressure washer.  While his partner is spraying the roof, Dalton is already moving on to the next task, whether that be preparing the access panels for cleaning or soaking the hoods, Dalton is always ready for the next part of the service.

I am proud to have Dalton here and I can’t wait to see “What’s Next” for him at 360.


Randy Holloway

Night Service Manager 360 Services

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