Why the need for regular exhaust hood cleaning?

As a restaurant owner, manager, or chef, you have probably asked yourself the above question.  Below are some good facts you should know and keep in mind.


  • According to the US Fire Admin 5,900 restaurant fires occur in the US annually resulting in an avg of 75 injuries and $172 mm in losses
  • The NFPA reports that most restaurant fires begin on the kitchen cooking appliances and then flare into the exhaust system.
  • Keep the system clean and free from combustible cooking byproducts such as oils grease and fats can significantly reduce the risk of fire


The kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is virtually invisible, except when the services are not done properly and a fire happens.  So you will see that the need for exhaust hood cleaning is obvious.  It is required by restaurant insurance companies, health departments, as well as state Fire Marshall jurisdictions.  Unfortunately, many restaurant owners do not understand the total risks involved with cleaning correctly and sufficiently to NFPA 96 CODE REGULATIONS.


Additional facts that are good to know when in need for exhaust hood cleaning:

  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning should always include the fan, grease box, ductwork, and any access panels all the way down to the hood
  • Cleaning just your hood is not fire prevention, cleaning your complete exhaust system as stated to bare metal is the proper procedure
  • If your present company does not completely remove the fuel (grease) from your ductwork, then there is still fuel to feed the fire.
  • If the area is visible it is usually accessible in your grease ventilation system.
  • The more grease buildup present in a duct system the hotter the exhaust duct which can cause a fire
  • Both carbon monoxide and grease laden vapors are unhealthy and a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Usually if a flash fire occurs past the fire suppression system and reaches the roof you must rely on the heroes of the fire department
  • Improper cleaning can result in future fires. Do you want to risk the life of a Fire Fighter your customers employees neighbors yourself?
  • Why risk your life investment


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